Supporting The Patricia Ritchie Centre for Cancer Care and Research

The Patricia Ritchie Centre
The former convent of the Sisters of Mercy has been converted into
The Patricia Ritchie Centre for Cancer Care and Research.

The Mater campus includes one of the busiest cancer treatment facilities in the private hospital sector in Australia.

In 2008, Mrs Patricia Ritchie AM, an existing benefactor to the Foundation, donated $3 million to purchase and refurbish ‘Claverton’, a former convent of the Mater’s founding Sisters of Mercy. Mrs Ritchie had already contributed to develop the cottage next door to Claverton into a chemotherapy treatment site. But, due to growing patient numbers and expanding research activities, a larger facility was needed. Mrs Ritchie wished that “Claverton be preserved and become The Patricia Ritchie Centre for Cancer Care and Research.” Her remarkable gift has translated into a modern facility that offers patients treatment in a comfortable, homelike atmosphere.

Mrs Patricia Ritchie AM

“A lasting reminder of the history of the Mater Hospital’s early days and the pioneering work of the Sisters of Mercy in establishing the essence of medical care and devotion.”

Patricia Ritchie AM

The Patricia Ritchie Centre for Cancer Care and Research brings together the critical ingredients in healthcare innovation and excellence. Approximately 250 (mostly breast cancer or melanoma) patients are treated every month. A multidisciplinary team of doctors and health professionals meet regularly to discuss and manage each individual patient’s care.

Mrs Patricia Ritchie AM with Professor Fran Boyle AM

Professor Fran Boyle, Ellen Ryan, Patricia Ritchie AM, Dr Keith Hartman AM.

The Foundation supports a clinical trials program that gives Mater patients access to cutting-edge cancer treatments. Each year, around 20 open clinical trials are carried out along with supportive care research, which address the quality-of-life issues of cancer treatment.