Holistic Patient Care

holistic patient care

Mindful Relaxation Channel

In 2013, a grant from the Foundation was used to create a mindfulness channel for the hospital’s TV network.

Developed by Mater Pastoral Carer Christina D’Albora, the new channel, which launched in most areas of the hospital in January 2014, provides 30 minutes of guided mindfulness relaxation and reflective music on
a 24-hour continuous loop. DVD and CDs of the programming are also available for sale.

Patients in Cancer Care, Cardio Vascular, General Surgery, Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Palliative Care, Maternity and Renal Dialysis are encouraged to view the relaxation programming at all times of the day, particularly if they may be experiencing anxiety, pain, stress or sleeplessness.

Such is the successful of the initiative that the project was selected as a finalist in the 2014 St Vincent’s Health Australia Quality Awards. In addition, the Mater’s sister hospital, St Vincent’s Private, plans to add the video to its in-house TV channel and sales of the DVDs and CDs have been popular as far away as country NSW and Victoria.

The Foundation is proud to fully fund this unique and beneficial patient care initiative.

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Art with Heart

In further support of cancer care at the Mater, the Foundation has supported a unique Art Therapy Program for people dealing with the experience of cancer.

The Creative Journey is a group Art Therapy program for post-treatment cancer patients. It aims to strengthen self-identity and increase self-confidence through an exploration of personal creativity. Participants in the Creative Journey program often find new ways to express contain and transform the difficult experience of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Meaningful creative activity has a role to play in helping people on their way to wellness.

The Creative Journey is open to adults with any type of cancer and treatment experience.

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