Make a Bequest


Leaving a gift in your Will to The Friends of the Mater Foundation makes a lasting contribution to the Mater and to the wellbeing of future generations. Bequests greatly support our work and assist us to plan to meet future needs. All gifts have an impact, provide meaning to our work, and are very much appreciated.

You can choose to support an immediate area of need within the hospital or nominate a department that has significance to you.

There are many ways to leave a bequest. You can:

  • give a specific amount of money to the Foundation;
  • leave a specific item to the Foundation, such as property or shares;
  • nominate a percentage of your estate for the Foundation; or
  • leave the residue of your estate to the Foundation, once your friends and family have been provided for.

To discuss the possibilities and options, please contact us on 02 9900 7398.